Whole School Newsletter 31.03.2021

In KS2 this term,

Year 3 have been reading ‘The Abominables’ in Literacy. They have written a recount of the story and have used inverted commas for dialogue. In Maths, the children have been focusing on multiplication and division. Geography, they have been focusing on mountains and how they are shown on maps. Lastly, in Science, they investigated which rock would be the most suitable to make steps out of.

In Year 4, they have been very busy investigating the operations of multiplication and division and the relationship they share, finishing off with an outdoor Easter egg maths hunt challenge. In Science, they have been looking at electricity in and around the home, what a circuit is and what is needed to make a working circuit. They have been reading ‘The Boy Who Biked Around the World’ in Literacy and Reading, linking it with their topic subject of comparing and contrasting climates.

In Year 5, they have been reading ‘The Highwayman’ poem and retelling the poem as a story using ambitious vocabulary. The children also looked at archaic language in his poem and in the book ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens in Reading. In Science, they have been learning the international symbols used for electrical circuits and what happens when they change things. They continue to work on their multiplication and division skills in Maths.

In Year 6, they have been studying the play Macbeth. From it they have written amazing non-chronological reports and are currently writing a newspaper article on the death of King Duncan! In Geography, the children used Digimap to locate areas from the text in Scotland. They have been working incredibly hard on fractions and are now secure in adding, subtracting and multiplying mixed numbers. In Science, they have been exploring the planets. This involved an  investigation into how far away each planet is from the Sun. They are currently looking at how shadows are different and change size during the day. 

In KS1,

Year 1, the children have been learning all about animals, especially enormous crocodiles. Following this, they read ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ by Roald Dahl. Whilst looking at a real crocodiles head, the children labelled the body of a crocodile, ready for their information text.

In Year 2, children have been learning about Jacques Cousteau this term through the book ‘Manfish’. They have also learned the names of all five oceans and seven continents. At present, they are writing a report on sea creatures which they will also illustrate. We have even designed and then made a healthy snack in the shape of a sea creature. To finish off the term, Y2 are having an ‘Ocean Day’ where the children will dress up as something from the ocean, complete their report, investigate how to clean oil pollution from the oceans and enjoy lots of other sea-themed activities. 


In Nursery, the children have been very excited to welcome pet fish, kindly donated by Mrs Dodds. They have talked about how to care for them and they read a story called ‘Hooray for Fish’. In the book, there are lots of different fish, which has helped them to learn some new describing words. They have also been learning lots of new Makaton signs. This has helped them remember the names of lots of animals. One of their favourite books at the moment is ‘Cows in the Kitchen’. They are excited about going on an egg hunt, tasting hot cross buns and making chocolate crispy nests for Easter.

In Reception Class2, the children have been interested in and investigating gems and rocks. They created illustrations of them and they spoke about the places they are from and found. In Class 1, they have been looking out for the signs of spring. This has led to an interest in daffodils. Children had the opportunity to look at and inspect them closely.