Whole School Newsletter 26.05.2021

In KS2 this term,

Year 3 have been looking at fractions in Maths. They looked at recognising halves, quarters and thirds and have begun finding fractions of objects. In Literacy, they have linked their writing to their history topic – Ancient Egypt. They have written a character and scene description, and have taken part in a balanced argument. In Science, their topic is light. They have looked at what objects are transparent, translucent and opaque, and have made shadow puppets to help explore shadows. In History, they have been studying Ancient Egypt. The children have used a map to locate Egypt and find out which continent it is a part of. They have used the internet to research facts about the pyramids and have written a non-chronological report with their findings.

In Year 4, they have enjoyed exploring the contribution and influence of the Early Islamic Civilisation (also known as the Golden Age of Islam) to medicine, science and art. Fiction and non-fiction texts from this age have inspired them to produce exceptional work in Reading, Writing, History and Art this term. In Science, they have indulged their curious minds in ‘States of Matter (solids, liquids and gases) where we have led investigations that have lead them to more scientific questions to research. Their science topic has also inspired their exciting P.E lessons in stillness, movement and dance.

In Year 5, they have been reading the Iliad and looking at the characters within this story. The children have had a debate about who they thought was the better character, Achilles or Hector. They have been working really hard on dealing with fractions, including adding them. They have studied the British-Iraqi Architect, Zaha Hadid, who designed the London 2020 Aquatic Centre. Her work is amazingly beautiful as well as functional.

In Year 6, they have been focusing on women’s suffrage and World War 2. Their writing has included persuasive letters and action narratives. In Maths they have recently covered percentages and geometry. 

In KS1,

Year 1 have been enjoying afternoon tea as part of their’ The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ project. They have also been learning about the Victorian era and finding out about what life was like for children then. They have also been learning how to represent numbers up to 50 while finding more and less. 

In Year 2, they had a special visitor this half term – a meerkat from the Kalahari Desert! They have drawn him and written a letter home to his mum. Currently, they are learning more facts about meerkats so that they can write a report about them. In History, they have learned about Christopher Columbus, Amelia Earhart and Tim Peake. They have also created large collages of a scene from the Great Fire of London.


In Nursery, they have been given some tadpoles. The children have been fascinated by watching them swim and are excited to see them develop. They have listened to stories about the life cycle of frogs and have drawn some lovely pictures. They have celebrated Eid with a party including; dancing and some delicious food. They have also set up a hospital role play area and they now have many budding doctors and nurses!

In Reception, they have been looking at the book ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ Using their phonic skills, the children wrote about their favourite part of the story. The story inspired them to plant and measure using lots of mathematical vocabulary. 

Whole School News

We hope that all our families, who celebrated Eid, had a blessed time. This half term, we have followed our ways of being.
As part of ‘Do What Matters Most’, all classes have been working hard and focussing on their learning. As part of their PSHE learning, the children  have been learning about themselves with a focus on ‘Be Yourself, Always.’
We would like our parents and carers to take part in our Co-op value of ‘Succeed Together’ and become a Community Governor. If you are interested in becoming a governor, please contact our school office. 
Thank you to everyone who purchased a ‘Design a Superhero’ template. We managed to raise £40 for MIND. All of the designs were amazing! Keep an eye out on Twitter for our winners.
We hope that all of our families have a restful, fun-filled and safe half term, ready to return to learn on Monday 7th June.