Whole School Newsletter 14.12.2021

Whole School Newsletter 14.12.2021

In KS2 this term,

Year 3 have been focusing on multiplication and division using the 2,5 and 10 time tables, in Maths. In Literacy, they have written a narrative, diary entry and a formal letter. Throughout Science, they have continued to learn about what plants need to survive. In Geography, the children have made a 3D model of a river. In History, they have been using the internet to research famous explorers.

In Year 4, they visited a local woodland – Gipton Woods – as part of their Geography topic, ‘Deforestation’. Pupils captured the educational experience in a range of formats, including works of art using natural treasures found in the woods that they brought back to school to discuss and to display. The quality of the artwork and the writing produced from the experience was a reflection of how much all the children who took part both enjoyed and learned.

In Year 5, they have been learning about the Romans and how they built their empire. They also had a fascinating visit to the National Coal Mining Museum, finding out about how challenging it was for the miners. They now know that Gipton is built over a disused mine.

In Year 6, following their trip to Roundhay Park, they have been looking at maps and also painting landscapes inspired by their visit. In Literacy, they have been building up to writing a time-travel narrative featuring dinosaurs. 

In KS1 this term,

Year 1, they have been learning about the history of Gipton and how their local area has changed over the years. They have also been looking at maps and learning about the different symbols that are used. In English, the children have been acting out and retelling the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. 

In Year 2, they have enjoyed many science experiments based around materials – protecting Humpty Dumpty with different materials and thinking about what materials to make a boat. They also had a very enjoyable visit from Samuel Pepys to help them learn more about the Great Fire of London. In maths, the children have been learning about money, naming the coins, finding the total and giving change.


In Nursery, they had their first trip to the orchard. They had fun when it snowed. They have read lots of stories and have been interested in animals. This week the children have been learning some Christmas songs. It has been a busy half term!

In Reception, Class 1 and Class 2 have enjoyed their focus story, “The Gingerbread Man”. They have been using their phonic knowledge to write CVC words. In maths, they have been looking at numbers between 0-5 and the composition of each number. 

Whole School News

What a wonderful first term it has been! Pupils, parents, carers and staff have worked hard to make things ‘business as usual’. Everyone has shown their determination and resilience through what has been an incredibly challenging time for us all. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.  

Highlights from the autumn term for me include: Everyone being able to mix again. Lunch in the dinner hall on the first day was fabulous. This had been missed so much by everyone. Assemblies back in the hall and presenting certificates. My first hug from a child, who ran up to me and wouldn’t let go. Children making fantastic memories through trips, such as to the Coal Mine, Gipton woods and Roundhay Park and pupil voice that showed how far our children have come in their learning in lots of different areas despite the pandemic challenges 

Next term, we will be sharing our ‘Your Voice Survey’ actions and what we will be doing to address these.

If you need to contact us over the break to let us know about a positive case before we return, please call and leave a voicemail on 0113 240 2526 or email: headteacher@coopoakwood.co.uk

We wish you a safe and peaceful time with your families during the break and look forward to seeing you back in on Wednesday January 5th 2022.