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Year 6 outreach visit, National Holocaust Museum

Today in Y6, at Co-op Academy Oakwood, we had an outreach visit from Nicola from the National Holocaust Museum. The children learned all about ‘The Journey’ of one Jewish child…

Year 6

Year 6 production, Once Upon A Crime

Our fabulous Year 6s really wowed us last week with their end of year production, Once Upon A Crime. A story all about some fairy tales that go a little…

Year 6

Leeds Book Awards 2019

Six of our Year 5 and 6s went to the Leeds Book Awards yesterday. The children had to read 6 challenging books within 3 months, write reviews for them all…

Year 5, Year 6

Year 6 trip to Eden Camp

As part of their topic learning about World War II, Year 6 went on a trip to Eden Camp to learn more about what life was like during the War….

Year 6

Look how green our garden grows!

We’ve been working hard on our academy garden, and with all this sun it’s been doing very well. Look how big this courgette is! We’ve also been growing some lovely…

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World Book Day 2018

Because of the snow we had to celebrate World Book Day a little late, but our staff and students still gave it their very best! We had some fantastic outfits,…

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Year 6 go to Ilkley Moor

Our Year 6 geographers had an adventure on Ilkley Moor! Students walked over the moors and took photos of the beautiful scenery. Thankfully the sun shined all day and everyone…

Year 6