Year 4 go back to the Stone Age with Wicked Workshops

Year 4 go back to the Stone Age with Wicked Workshops

Year 4 were visited by time travellers Dr Natasha and her lovely assistant Tom this week, they learnt all about the Stone Age.

After Tom managed to mix up Dr Natasha’s timeline, Year 4 stepped in to help and get the timeline all back in order. Then they got learning about all the important things that happened during the Stone Age.

Dr Natasha explained that at the start of the Stone Age ‘Southern Apes’ were the humans of their time, they had big hands and big faces but very, very small brains.

Eventually they evolved in the Homo Habilis, then Homo Erectus and finally Homo Sapien, or as we say Humans!

Dr Natasha and Tom also demonstrated how these early beings used rocks called pot boilers to heat up their water. The rocks were left in the fire for ages and ages until they were really, really hot, then they were dropped into bowls of water to boil them.

Year 4 practised transferring the pot boilers from fire to bowl using long sticks and balls, just like our ancestors would have done.

The students also learnt about how big Wooly Mammoths were, (27 horses glued together if you were wondering) and how dangerous Sabre Tooth Tigers were. They even got to hold some real Stone Age teeth that are thousands of years old!

It was a fantastic day with all of the students learning so much about the Stone Age, including some difficult Latin names and some really cool facts.

Thank you very much to Dr Natasha and Tom for coming to Oakwood and we wish you the best of luck with your future time travels.