‘Witness This’ performance with Company Chameleon

‘Witness This’ performance with Company Chameleon

Last term our Year 5 students worked with dance company, Company Chameleon to create a performance based around mental health.

The students’ work was based around a dance piece created by Company Chameleon’s Director Kevin, who was inspired by his experience with Bipolar.

Throughout the term dancers from Company Chameleon came in to work with Year 5 on their choreography and help them understand the inspiration behind the piece.

With the students they explained what Bipolar was, how it makes you feel and that although you can get better, you can never get rid of it.

After practising in school the students were ready to perform their dances in front of parents. In class the students designed their own t-shirts to wear, inspired by the emotions portrayed in their dance.

The Co-op Academy of Leeds just down the road kindly allowed us to use their hall and stage to make sure all the parents could come and see their children perform.

We are happy to say that all their practising paid off because when they took to the stage they wowed everyone with their moves. You could really see that they had understood the meaning on Kevin’s ‘Witness This’ dance.

Together the students moved like puppets and puppet masters, recreating what it is like to struggle against your own demons and emotions. The children’s maturity and commitment really shone through.

It was an amazing day where all the pupil who took part got to shine on stage! Huge thank you to our staff for all their hard work getting the children performance ready. And thank you to all the parents who came to watch.