The Wrinkle People

The Wrinkle People

The Wrinkle People is a celebration of the achievements of our unique and creative 3-5 year olds. Through the making of this book, we have been given an amazing opportunity to share how we respond to our children’s wealth of ideas.

The book was sparked by our children’s interest in the elderly within our community. It began when Kolton, aged 4.9 years, created a very elaborate construction and announced that it was an “old people’s home.” Soon, other children became interested and a project emerged with old people’s homes popping up all over the place!

By sharing this project with you, our hope is that everyone will feel uplifted by what the children have achieved in sharing their perceptions of older people.

At the same time, it’s very special for children so young to raise money for people in need. All profits made from the sales will be donated to Age UK to support their Emergency Coronavirus Appeal. – Maeve Birdsall

The Director of Co-op Academies Trust has already received his copy!

We’re thrilled to see our book also being displayed and sold in the Early Excellence Centre.

This is a very difficult time for everyone, but the elderly are especially vulnerable and sadly many have been affected by the virus.

Oakwood has for a long time recognised the importance of intergenerational work within our community. The fact that the children themselves initiated this project fits in perfectly with the ethos of our school.