Rehearsals with Company Chameleon

Rehearsals with Company Chameleon

Last week we had our second session with Company Chameleon. They came earlier in the term and taught year 5 a dance called ‘Witness This’, and wanted to come back to see how they’d improved.

This time Sam, Alice and Sara helped our Year 5s work on their expressions, using their actions and faces to show if they were feeling up, down or supported by their partner.

Year 5 had to dance like they were stuck in a cave, like they were held down by heavy weights and like the floor was a big bouncy castle! It was a lot of fun, but also hard work.

At the end Sam taught the children another part of the ‘Witness This’ dance, but this time everyone had to dance on their own and not with a partner.

The children did so well to pick up the dance and we can’t wait to see the finished piece performed with our other sister Academies, Woodlands, Nightingale and Brownhill.