Design a Superhero Competition

Design a Superhero Competition

In support of MIND, we ran a ‘Design a Superhero Competition’ to raise money. We were overwhelmed with the amount of children who wanted to enter. The Competition was supposed to end Friday 14th May. However, due to popular demand, the competition continued until Friday 21st May.

Children were encouraged to draw their favourite superheroes or create brand new heroes. But, some children drew heroes based on their jobs. We had farmers, teachers, nurses, doctors and many more. We even had Captain Sir Tom Moore. It was amazing to see who our children thought were heroes.

Miss Priestley found it extremely difficult to find a winner, so she decided there would be three winners from each key stage. Thank you to everyone who entered, you made it very hard to choose an overall winner!

Congratulations to our Key Stage 1 winners

Congratulations to our Key Stage 2 winners

The children managed to raise £40 for MIND. Thank you to everyone who entered.