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A day at the Museum with Year 3

A day at the Museum with Year 3

Year 3 have been learning about Ancient Egypt, so they headed over to Leeds City Museum to see their exhibit on Ancient Worlds. 

The students had a treasure hunt through the exhibition where they had to find different artefacts and match them to their uses. They had to find things like wooden hands and lucky amulets and draw them on their activity sheets.

Leeds City Museum also have a real life mummy in their exhibition, so everyone got to see Nesayamun, a Priest from the Sudan who died over 3,000 years ago. He is in very good condition and still has his toenails, teeth and tongue!

Year 3 have been learning about mummies and how they were made, so with the museum expert they got to make a mummy themselves… but not a real one of course. The museum has special dummy mummies made out of fabric where children can learn about the process of mummification.

They then got to make their own amulets, which are good luck charms that the Ancient Egyptians used to put in the bandages of the mummies.

It was a great day where Year 3 got to expand their knowledge of Ancient Egypt and see real artefacts from thousands of years ago.