British Food Fortnight

British Food Fortnight

Year 5 got to celebrate British Food Fortnight by cooking up some delicious recipes with Oli Blanc, son of famous chef Raymond Blanc. 

Our sponsors the Co-op also sponsor British Food Fortnight, championing the best of British food, so they arranged for the Co-op Food team to come and teach our Year 5s all about the importance of British food.

Oli spoke to the students about seasonal fruit and veg and the importance of the red lion stamp on British eggs. He then whipped up a delicious chocolate mousse, and taught the students how to make healthy and tasty smoothies with spinach and frozen berries!

Then members of the Co-op Farming Group taught the students how the Co-op gets it’s free range eggs and why happy chickens produce the best eggs.

Students got the chance to ask questions about why some eggs are double yokers, why certain chickens lay different coloured eggs and why some chickens like the rain whilst others don’t.

The activities were a brilliant way to get our Year 5s thinking about food in a new and exciting way, focusing on the high quality, healthy and delicious options that British Food has to offer.