The Arla inflatable classroom comes to Oakwood

The Arla inflatable classroom comes to Oakwood

Arla Foods is an international cooperative based in Denmark, it is the fourth largest dairy company in the world! 

As a cooperative it means they share the same values that we do, making sure that everyone is treated fairly, and that includes their cows.

Arla know that happy and healthy cows make healthier and tastier milk, that’s why they believe in animal welfare and sustainable farming. If it’s good for the cows, it’s good for the farmers and good for the customers!

They brought their inflatable classroom to our Academy to teach our students all about their ethos, their techniques and their products.

The Arla helpers talked the students through the different kinds of cow, and why certain breeds produce more milk than others. Then they taught them about how farmers take the raw milk from the cows and pasteurise and homogenise it before it arrives in our fridges!

Did you know that cows drink more than 130 litres of water? They need all that water to help them produce milk, along with a whole bunch of other foods like silage, grass and hay.

Cows have four stomachs, which they use to get every little bit of nutrients out of their food. They chew it twice before it even gets to their second stomach!

Our students had a great time learning about cows and dairy, and came away with lots of interesting facts. Thank you very much to Arla for coming.