Amelia jumps to raise money for NHS

Amelia jumps to raise money for NHS

Our very own Amelia was inspired by Captain Tom Moore and decided to raise money for the NHS.

Amelia completed 24-hour long bouncing on her trampoline, stopping only for toilet breaks, food and sleep.

Mum, Sonja told the Yorkshire Evening Post:

“Amelia saw Captain Tom Moore on the tv who did the walking for the NHS and we came up with this trampoline bounce challenge. Amelia did 10 hours altogether yesterday and hopefully she will complete it tonight. She makes us all proud. We owe the NHS so much as Amelia was born with her bowels on the outside and spent 6 weeks in hospital before being allowed home, so we owe them so much more.” Check out the full article

Well done Amelia! We’re all so proud of you for showing how much you care. Amelia set a target of £50 and already has raised an amazing £567.

Want to donate? Check out Amelia’s Just Giving page