Year 5 Yeadon Tarn Trip

Year 5 Yeadon Tarn Trip

Usually, Year 5 would have the opportunity to attend Robinwood Activity Centre, sadly Covid prevented the residential this year. To make up for this, they visited Yeadon Tarn to take part in some adventurous outdoor activities: problem solving, orienteering and canoeing. 

They strengthened the children’s teamwork skills by using the parachute and equipment to solve problems such as, how to move a rolling ball from one place to another. They really succeeded together. The children showed great resilience in sticking to their task and communicating effectively with each other. 

Children were encouraged to be themselves always, during the orienteering session by being mindful of the other park-users and they were delighted to have several passers-by comment how polite our children were. 

During the canoeing session, Year 5 showed their bravery. Despite missing their swimming lessons last year, many of them showed they cared by supporting each other in jumping into the water and did what mattered most to take themselves out of their comfort zone, trying something they had never tried before (even though they felt nervous about it!)

We are incredibly proud of Year 5, how they represented our school this week and know this is something they will remember for the rest of their lives. A massive well done to everyone for two fabulous days.