Statement: Recent concerns raised via social media

We’re an inclusive school. Any complaint or issue raised by a parent or member of our community is dealt with seriously and in line with our policies and procedures.

Since this issue was raised we have worked with the local authority safeguarding teams, local police and Leeds City Council. We have rigorously investigated the claim made by one family.

Boys and girls in our school learn together. We expect all our students to be themselves always, embrace and respect each other’s cultural beliefs and integrate accordingly. Equality and diversity are our strengths as a school. Earlier this year Ofsted said of the school that “Leaders have established a highly inclusive ethos. Pupils enjoy coming to school. They are respectful of people who come from different countries and have different beliefs”.

After the particular behaviour of one parent, the decision was made to ban this parent from the school.

The things being shared on social media are wholly untrue and we’d ask that you do not share anything that continues to put the safety of young children and our staff at risk.