Trousers or skirts should be grey, black or navy.

Polo neck or T-shirt should be white or emerald green – white shirts are acceptable

Jumpers, sweatshirts or cardigans should be navy – Hooded Jumpers Year 3-6 only

Shoes should be suitable for physical activity – trainers, pumps or shoes please. Flat boots in winter with a change for indoors. No heels or loose fitting sandals.

PE Kit

Children should always change for PE and change back afterwards.

Black or navy shorts or track suit bottoms with an emerald green /white t-shirt

Black pumps (indoor) / trainers (outdoor)

Light weight (indoor) pumps are essential for gymnastics and dance unless a child works in bare feet.

Bare feet are recommended for dance and gymnastics and are essential to the safe use of climbing apparatus.

Jewellery / Headscarves

Children should not wear jewellery to accessorise. Small earring studs can be worn.

Children who wear scarves for religious purposes should wear a plain scarf in black, grey or navy.

The school stocks uniform items with the school logo; price lists are available at the school office. Most items are available in high street stores and supermarkets. Children do not have to wear items with school logo. Sew on badges are available.


Please make sure that all uniform (including coats and shoes) are clearly labelled.