Wider Curriculum

Across school, children work towards the National Curriculum outcomes and we make sure that there is appropriate progression within each subject. Pupils experience a broad range of exciting and important learning opportunities through engaging classroom topics that draw on pupils’ English, maths and science knowledge. For modern foreign languages, we expose children to a range of modern languages in an effort to broaden their experience, knowledge and inspire a future love of language learning rather than offer progression in one key language.

Below you can see our long term topic plan which outlines what pupils will be focusing on throughout the year. Please click here to read more about each of the science topics we cover.

Topic Long Term Plan

Year 1

Autumn term 1 Ourselves
Autumn term 2 Homes
Spring term 1 What is it made of?
Spring term 2 Growing
Summer term 1 Ocean Adventures
Summer term 2 Seaside


Year 2

Autumn term 1 Famous People
Autumn term 2 Great Fire of London
Sprin term 1 Where I Live
Spring term 2 Book – study
Summer term 1 Book – study
Summer term 2 Animals


Year 3

Autumn term 1 Stone Age and Iron Age
Autumn term 2 Climate
Spring term 1 The Romans in Britain
Spring term 2 Forces
Summer term 1 Ancient Egypt
Summer term 2


Year 4

Autumn term 1 Anglo-Saxons
Autumn term 2 North & South America
Spring term 1 Sound and Electricity
Spring term 2
Summer term 1 The Growth of Gipton
Summer term 2


Year 5

Autumn term 1 The Greeks


Autumn term 2
Spring term 1 Earth and Space
Spring term 2
Summer term 1 The Viking and Anglo Saxon Struggle
Summer term 2


Year 6

Autumn term 1 World War II


Autumn term 2
Spring term 1 Kensuke’s Kingdom


Spring term 2
Summer term 1 Being Healthy
Summer term 2 Passport to the World