Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Statement

At Co-op Academy Oakwood the curriculum comprises everything that a child experiences at our school. We follow the National Curriculum where subject-specific skills, knowledge and understanding is taught. These are underpinned by first-hand experiences. 

At Oakwood we encourage everyone to follow the ‘Ways of Being Co-op’ within a safe environment where education can prepare all children to be ready for life. The ‘Ways of Being Co-op’ are:

Do what matters most

Be yourself, always

Show you care

Succeed together

The Co-op Academies Trust is committed to co-operative values and principles. The Trust expects all of its academies to have these at the core of their work. Through our values we strive to ensure children, young people and their families and staff at all levels in the Trust develop:

  • Self-help – so that we can help ourselves to improve and make a positive contribution to society
  • Self-responsibility – so that we take responsibility for, and answer to our actions
  • Democracy – through having a say in how we run our Trust and the academies
  • Equality – through ensuring that the voice of each individual can be heard
  • Equity – a fair and unbiased community
  • Solidarity – through sharing interests and common purposes for the benefit of all.

The Trust, including each academy, is expected to work to the co-operative ethical values of:

  • Openness – we believe in being open and sharing information and ideas to raise the outcomes of children and young people and improve their life chances
  • Honesty – we act in a professional and respectful manner in our dealings with everyone
  • Social responsibility – we maximise our impact on those in our communities while minimising our footprint on the world
  • Caring for others – we treat everyone as we wish to be treated ourselves, understanding that children and young people have one childhood.

Our Early Years Foundation Stage is inspired by the values and pedagogy of Reggio Emilia. Indoor and outdoor learning environments are carefully developed and constructed to capture children’s interests and engage them in opportunities to gain skills and knowledge across a wide range of areas. The curriculum is informed and influenced by the children, their families and the community and aims to enable children to make links across each area of learning. Follow this link for further information about the Foundation Stage.

Across school we provide a broad curriculum experience that includes academic, sporting/physical, dramatic, artistic, musical and personal growth opportunities. Children work towards the National Curriculum outcomes and we make sure that there is appropriate progression within each subject. 

Follow the links below to find out more about our Curriculum offers for:

To further enhance our curriculum, we have identified core experiences designed to enhance children’s knowledge and understanding beyond subject-specific learning. Through these, we aim to broaden children’s wider experiences of the world and enable them to develop a better understanding of themselves and their role in their community and society.

Our PSHE curriculum is central to our school ethos which places our children and families at the centre of its work. We help our children to understand and value themselves; to be optimistic about the future and life’s possibilities; to develop the positive self-esteem and confidence to take increasing control of, and responsibility for, their lives as well as playing an active part in their community. We teach our children how to keep themselves safe and healthy, considering issues such as online safety, healthy relationships and mental health and wellbeing. We also promote tolerance of others and a willingness to listen and appreciate the views and lifestyles that others may follow.

For religious education, we follow the Leeds locally agreed syllabus for RE.

 It is important that our children achieve high standards, both in the respect and tolerance they show to each other and within society, as well as in their learning and the contribution they make to academy life. We believe that our curriculum motivates our children to work hard, show resilience and problem-solve so that they are ready and skilled to manage whatever the world throws at them.