“I am an aspirational, resilient and confident learner and a caring and responsible citizen. I am respectful, thoughtful, ready and excited about my future”.


We want every child to be able to say that about themselves. Our curriculum is planned around promoting intellectual, personal, social and physical development. Education should be meaningful and enjoyable.


Children will:

  • Be confident readers, writers and mathematicians
  • Develop lively and enquiring minds
  • Acquire and develop understanding, knowledge and skills for life in a changing world
  • Develop personal, social and moral values, tolerance, respect and understanding for all religions, races and cultures
  • Appreciate human achievements in art, music, literature, science and technology
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the environment


‘Stages’ are used in schools to group years.

  • Foundation Stage – nursery and reception
  • Key Stage One –  years 1 and year 2
  • Key Stage Two – years 3, 4, 5 and 6


Our inclusive culture, policies and practices ensure that all children, no matter their background or ability, receive a great education. We ensure all lessons are differentiated for our children’s requirements such as; different capabilities, special educational needs and other requirements.

Our Curriculum Policy 2020