All schools aim to provide a curriculum that will prepare their pupils for the future. At Co-op Academy Woodlands, we have the same vision. We provide a highly inclusive environment where pupils enjoy their rounded education.

Underpinned by the Ways of Being Co-op, our curriculum intent is to enable children to acquire the foundations to become lifelong self-motivated learners.

Show you care

Our team leads by example; nurturing throughout, showing how to learn from mistakes and highlighting the importance of mental health and well-being. Our learners are a positive contribution to our school, local community and the wider society. Our curriculum supports the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development ensuring the children are well prepared for life in Modern Britain.

Be yourself, always

We promote individuality whilst embracing diversity and cultural differences. We instil resilience in our school community through encouraging and promoting a growth mindset that fosters an ‘everyone can’ attitude to embracing new and exciting challenges that push their own boundaries. Our curriculum motivates our pupils to aspire to become the best version of themselves. 

Succeed together

We want our pupils to be confident to share their own cultural experiences and to respect the experiences of others. Our curriculum provides opportunities to celebrate diversity and the cultural wealth of our local community. We utilise each of these skills, knowledge and understanding of the world to learn from each other. We also encourage discussion, collaborative learning and teaching the importance of positively challenging the views of others. 

Do what matters most

Our pupils are empowered, inspired and excited for their future. They are encouraged to foster their own understanding of ‘belonging and being’ with the need to know how they connect to the past, how they live in the present and how their actions and the actions of others will impact our future world. We want our pupils to be enthusiastic and aspirational and see themselves as lifelong learners.

At Co-op Academy Woodlands, our purposeful curriculum goes beyond the experience of the classroom ensuring that our pupils are equipped with knowledge, skills and understanding of the wider world. We will reflect and adapt our curriculum in line with the ever-changing environment. As we encompass all of these values, we aim to create a level playing field that ensures all our learners have an equitable future. 

Our Curriculum Long Term Plans

Our Curriculum Policy 2020