Our Intent

Our Intent

 “I am an aspirational, resilient and confident learner and a caring and responsible citizen. I am respectful, thoughtful, ready and excited about my future”.

We want every child to be able to say that about themselves. Our curriculum is planned around promoting intellectual, personal, social and physical development. Education should be meaningful and enjoyable.

Co-op Academy Woodlands serves a unique community which brings together children from around the world. They bring with them wide-ranging cultural experiences and this is a great resource for our school.

Our pupils speak many different languages. For most of our pupils, developing English language and vocabulary is a high priority. For this reason, we have put language, literature and vocabulary at the heart of our curriculum. We take every opportunity to broaden our pupils’ language skills:

  • As part of our English and guided reading lessons, children explore key vocabulary and we encourage them to never let a word go by
  • Staff tell children the meaning of words. We find correct definitions and model the use of correct, standard English
  • We encourage our children to use key words through discussion in lessons. We explore how to use new vocabulary when speaking and in writing
  • Through the use of ‘zones of regulation’, children learn to express their emotions using a range of vocabulary. This helps them develop their emotional literacy

Our curriculum helps pupils discover their talents and interests, and so, understand what success means and feels like for them. Through our curriculum, we prioritise pupils’ moral development. We are passionate about our children having the courage to make the right moral choices, regardless of who is watching.

A large proportion of our children will only be with us for part of their primary education. Some will arrive from or leave to a different area of the UK or a different country. Some might arrive and leave more than once. And some will experience multiple school moves before they join us. Our curriculum is carefully put together to ensure that key knowledge is built as pupils move through the school. This means that teachers are fully aware of any potentially missed learning for pupils joining us at later points.

Many of our children are a part of a large family. This often brings with it responsibility for looking after others and, as a result, our pupils are caring and mature. We believe it is important to build on this, so we give pupils regular opportunities to make a difference to others, the school and the community. This supports their social and moral development and their motivation to contribute. For example:

  • P.S.H.E. and R.S.E. lessons are on a Wednesday afternoon for all year groups
  • We are improving our S.E.M.H. provision through clubs and interventions, such as gardening club. Also through roles and responsibilities in the classroom and in school
  • Each Friday morning, our pupils spend time exploring current events using Picture News. They have meaningful and honest conversations with their teacher and peers about current events and the wider world we live in

Our local area is identified as one of high deprivation, with high levels of unemployment and, often, over-crowded housing. We aim to improve pupils’ life chances. We’re passionate about giving pupils opportunities outside of their usual experiences and environment.
We expect children to engage in lessons and to develop a strong work ethic. Learning about careers and employability is a key focus running through every subject. For example:

  • Year 4, 5 and 6 take part in projects with IntoUniversity. They develop their future aspirations, learn about going to university and explore career options
  • Each topic has a link to careers, using our Careers Related Learning programme. Our units help pupils to make links between what they are learning now and how this might form a career in their future. They develop skills in listening, speaking, problem solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and teamwork
  • Our RESPECT system allows children to take responsibility for their actions. We have a community that embraces differences and celebrates diversity